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Şimal Housing Project Block Entrances-2019

Simal Giris_3_1.jpg

Northern Mixed Building Block Entrances Project -2019- Rize Yatırım A.Ş. Among the interior architectural designs we carried out in all areas within the scope of the Şimal Karma building project, which was started in 2016, the block entrances, which are still under construction, are among the important identity areas of the building. We continued to follow the materials and forms in line with the identity of the European Real Estate Award-winning architectural project at the block entrances, as in all areas we pay attention to. We added value to the building identity by enriching the volumes with natural stones, natural wood, painted glass, bronze metal laminate and minimal amorphous lighting. It was an honor for us to leave our mark on the Şimal project, the first mixed-use building project in the Eastern Black Sea region.

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