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From the moment we took our first breath, we carried it in our genes to change things in the universe we were trying to explore.


Our mother's love, our father's reassuring look, the most important value sought until the moment life ends... We seek the peace, trust and love we seek at different points in life with what we have, we try to find it by touching, getting to know, changing the places of objects and improving them. As we work, objects become special for us and a common need that must be shared for everyone... Change and development in objects lead us to production and research... 

We added our imagination to this drive for change. Like all our colleagues, when we look at the ashes of the burning bridges behind us, we have moved forward with the determination to turn the impossible into reality, aware that we will be remembered by the traces we left on the sands of life. We continue to move forward... until this hunger leaves this body...

Interior Architect Atilla Eren / Eren Interior Architecture

Eren Interior Architecture office


Interior Designer Atilla Eren

Interior Designer Atilla Eren 

Interior Architecture

Soot in 1980He was born in Istanbul. He completed his pre-graduate education in Istanbul and his undergraduate education in Kocaeli University Faculty of Architecture and Design (2002).

He started his working life halfway through his education life and gained experience in design, project and application methods by working in different branches of the profession.  He has adopted the main philosophy of his working life that every project he starts is a factor that enriches the next project, and he still continues his education with fairs, seminars, interviews, books and magazines.

Believing that creativity is nourished by exploring our environment and life, the designer continues his activities  He continues his career by searching for his own limits by adding nature sports such as mountaineering, camping and climbing, and is aware that we will be remembered with the traces we leave in the sands of time.

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