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Şimal Shopping Mall Project-2018


Şimal Shopping Mall Project-In 2016, Rize Yatırım A.Ş. It is a part of the mixed building project planned by , on the land of the old Rize Stadium. The architectural project of İKİ Design received an award in the Mixed Building Project category at the 2016 European Real Estate Awards. The shopping mall interior architecture works of the project, which started to be built by basing the future architecture on the Black Sea culture, were designed by us in accordance with the façade concept. An effort was made to preserve the integrity of the space with high technology, based on natural materials being at the forefront and ensuring that daylight affects every floor of the space. Shop fronts in volumes with a floor height of 460cm have become much more spectacular. In addition, using water and plants at every point of the spaces made a significant contribution to the sustainable space philosophy.

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