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Kartal Salon Project-2017

Maslak Cover.jpg

Istanbul Kartal Salon Project-2018 - The 70m² living room and common living areas of the 5+1 Flat, which has an area of 230m², were designed by taking into account the traditional interior architectural design approach as the personal request of the homeowner. We created a traditional backdrop by combining acrylic Victorian era laths and motifs on the walls with the same style plasterboard tiling on the ceiling. A high quality image was achieved in the hall, where furniture with modern and traditional lines was designed in a mixed manner. The bio ethanol fueled fireplace supplement in the TV unit provided a useful decorative heat source. In the space, brightly polished natural wenge and volakast marble were used together to give sharp lines to the design. In addition, the finishing details we chose in brass metal created a jewelery effect in the space. 

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