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Plato Shopping Mall Project-2013


Plato Shopping Mall Project - It is the first shopping mall in Sultanbeyli district of Istanbul in 2013 and is the city shopping mall planned on a total construction land of 50 thousand m². This building, which we realized by carrying out all the architecture, interior architecture and application works within HRD Architecture, was built in Sultanbeyli. It still maintains its feature of being an iconic structure in architecture. This structure, which we used by integrating organic architecture into futuristic architecture, has successfully solved many of the problems encountered for the first time by architects and practitioners, from the design process to the implementation process. Thanks to the lattice ceiling on the gallery, all interior architectural material details, including marble, wood and stainless materials, were enriched with daylight. In addition, the ornamental pools in organic form that we designed in landscape areas added great richness to the city architecture.

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