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Gaziantep 360 SPA Indoor Pool Project -2018


Gaziantep 360 Housing Project -2018- One of the most important places of the social areas planned by combining the bases of the three blocks within the Gaziantep 360 Housing Project is the indoor pool and landscaping areas. Within these areas, areas such as Turkish bath, sauna, boutique gym, locker rooms and vitamin bar are offered as an important service to the users for common use. When spaces are designed, they are in relationship with each other, daylight dominates all areas, and the garden and natural view make the modern texture more enjoyable. The Brimanya Tiki solid floor systems we used in the venue, the solid walnut cladding on basalt stone, and the mesh application on the ceiling turned the pool area into a luxurious place. The reflections of the hidden lights supporting the daylight created a jewel effect in the space.

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