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Ataşehir Guest Room Project-2018

Guest Room_4.jpg

Istanbul Ataşehir Baby Room Project-2018 - The project we carried out for our customer, who requested the Application and Design process in line with his personal needs, was completed as a part of a 150m² residence. In this area, which we planned as a guest room, the space was designed with great sensitivity, taking into account functions such as sleeping, storage and working. By making the sponge fabric pattern at the bedside in an amorphous form, like the walnut veneers on the wardrobe, unity of form was achieved and a dynamic stance was displayed in the space. The space was kept in a modern style with lacquer, American walnut, stainless metal and modern upholstery fabrics. The fact that the space receives full-length light from two facades increased the quality of the space by making the details more visible.

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